October 24, 2009

Three is a Crowd

"Three is a Crowd"
Oil on paper
6" x 6"

Here it is finished.

I won't be around much next week. My son is out of school and so I'm going to try to do some fun stuff with him. I'll be back at work the first week of November.

October 18, 2009

maintaining studio hours...

has been very hard for me along with getting the photo taken. i'm working out of my home and find myself distracted. it probably doesn't help that my studio is in the living room and my husband works wacky hours, so he's home not working the same time i am home trying to work.

so...it's obviously got to change. if i want to succeed i must maintain strict studio hours!!

October 14, 2009

last week...

i was expereincing techincal difficulties. these silly computers!

anyway...i got into the buckeyes and painted them...

rendered them in colored pencil...

and sketched them...

yes, i have had it with the buckeyes!

October 5, 2009

the hardest thing about painting daily...

is getting my photos uploaded! (at least for me.)

this is going to be something that i'm really going to need to work on.

i ended last week making some encaustic paints and started this week by playing around with the wax paints i made.

my son picked up some buckeyes on the way home from school last week. i love their rich brown/burgandy color and i've been trying to paint them.