October 4, 2010

"one" - SOLD

© Heather Hingst Bennett
6" x 6" acrylic on canvas panel

Just time for "one" today!

I've been busy moving into my new studio. I spent the day deciding where my easel should go and where the computer should go. I had to try every angle and every corner, but I think I found just the right place for both. Next I'll be going through my storage cabinets and getting them ready to move upstairs. AND I just noticed that I'm missing my "Keep Calm Carry On" poster. So, I'm trying to "Keep Calm" and find it!

Thanks for stopping by today!


Heather said...

another "great pumpkin" loving the colors you are using.

Effy said...

I love autumn and I adore it when these little pumpkins turn up in the grocery store. There's something so mysterious about the white ones, which I feel you've captured beautifully here. It's as though it is a ghost of a pumpkin. Really lovely.