January 3, 2011

little paintings all in a row

Just an idea of how a bunch of 6"x6" paintings would look displayed. Of course, you would definitely make sure to hang them straight. I just hung these really quick to see what it would look like and I LOVE IT! :)

If you want to hang canvas panels directly to your wall like this I would suggest using the 3M Picture Hanging Strips for a hassle free way to hang a group of small paintings in random sizes or one consistent size.

This is a corner of our living room. Since this room has been my studio for the past few years we haven't really decorated it yet. It has 2 love seats (like the one above), an unfinished coffee table and a dresser. Pretty BORING!

I'm planning to tackle this room very soon!


Diane said...

Yes, I love this!

Michele from Pipi La La said...

I love that wall! Very cool! The pup too!