July 31, 2011

Grandma's Loveseat - SOLD

"Grandma's Loveseat"
©2011 Heather Hingst Bennett
6"x6", oil on hardboard

Grandma's loveseat is now at my house. When she moved out of her house to go into an assisted living home she called and asked if there was anything I wanted of hers. Without hesitation I said I wanted her loveseat pair. And she said...They're yours! I think she was really happy and maybe surprised that I wanted something like that from her home. They are very special to me because I can remember spending the night at her house with ALL my cosines and sleeping on the loveseats...until I got to tall.

I can't believe this the last day of JULY! Wow! Where is the summer going? The countdown is on for back to school at our house. (I think I'm the only one counting down.) Tonight we're trying to get back on a more responsible bedtime...no more midnight hanging out around here!!

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