May 21, 2012

Workshop With Carol Marine

Last week I had the honor of taking a painting workshop at the Sedona Arts Center with one of my favorite artists, Carol Marine. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but her classes fill up really fast and they are never in my area. So, on a lark I just started putting myself on the waiting list of some of her workshops. To my surprise, I got a call April 20th from the art center and they had a spot to fill and was wondering if I was still interested in attending. My answer was YES!!!

So, I found myself last Saturday on and 18 hour drive on my way to Sedona, AZ.

Here is my painting area for the week.

Here is a view of the class room. We are all gathering to watch Carol do her magic! :)

I better get back to my unpacking, so I can get painting again.

AND I'm back over at blogger again. A part of the workshop we had a discussion about blogging and Blogger seems to be the blogging tool of choice and the best way to connect with other painters. So, I'm back here. I'll talk a little more about the workshop tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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