June 11, 2012

No. 176 - SOLD

“Stripes Peas”, 8″x8″, oil on canvas board, ©2012 Heather Hingst Bennett

Sorry for the bad photo. I’ll scan it in a few days.

The remainder of last week was a wiper. I didn’t like anything I put down. I kept trying all sorts of scenarios with this stripe fabric. Maybe I should have eliminated the fabric and went on with something else, but I didn’t. Finally yesterday I finished this.

I did have and encounter with an opossum. I was on my early morning walk and found this a opossum mother with babies on her back by my trail. I actually got a picture.

She was on the other side of the fence when I first saw her and crawled under the fence while I was watcher her. Which scrapped all her babies off her back. Now worries, they climbed right back on.

Here’s a cropped picture. I call here mini van mama.

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