November 25, 2013

Black Friday on Ebay

"Kiwi Trio"
8"x8", acrylic on canvas board
Click here to bid.
Incidentally...I totally spelled Kiwi wrong on the listing....I don't know how that happened, but I can't change it. :)

First Thanksgiving down...2 more to go!

I feel very grateful that we still get together with my Dad's side and celebrate Thanksgiving. It's always fun to see my aunts and uncles, cousins, and second-cousins!

At this time of year I like to list many of my older paintings on ebay in hopes that they will find a new home over the holidays. The painting above is one of the many paintings that start at a 1 $ bid on ebay. These make unusual stocking stuffers or possibly gifts for friends and family.

To see all the Black Friday deals available click here.

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