June 23, 2010

no. 038 - "i love you" - SOLD

© 2010 Heather Hingst Bennett
“I Love You"
6″ x 6"
collage on Ampersand gesso panel

Busy day today, so I just did a collage.

Truthfully, I've been having some issues with my "daily painting". I don't know if it's the direction I really want to be going in. Painting still lifes have really improved my painting ability, but they take so much of my day, I don't get to paint what is truly in my heart.

My scanner came in today...yeah! and my dick blick order came in today...yeah! and the father's day gift I ordered for my husband came today...yeah! I think we're set!

1 comment:

Kerri said...

so drawn to butterflies lately...and alwasys to music- love your collage!