June 27, 2010

taking a break

"Independence Day"

I'm taking a break from painting this week. I feel really guilty about this, but I just need some time to think. I've been learning so much in my "Flying Lessons" I just need a week to take some time to process it.

Also, I have an exhibit coming up with my studio quilts. I know I said those were behind me, but I made nine quilts this spring that I think really need to be exhibited and I have an opportunity to do so with the Lincoln Artists' Guild.

So, I'll see you next week...for those of you in the United States, have a safe, fun, happy, wonderful FOURTH OF JULY!!


Kerri said...

sometimes you're serving yourself and your art well to take a break and come back refreshed!

i love your painting on your banner!

Heather said...

enjoy the break - we all need to slow down sometimes!.